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Progress & Milestones

Site selection completed

After having analysed the assets of around 20 regions in Eastern Europe in order to identify the most suitable site for building the new plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol, Clariant announced on October 31, 2017 that the southwestern part of Romania has been chosen. The requirements for the site were manifold. It included ample feedstock availability and a good transport and energy infrastructure.

Basic Engineering

The Basic Design for the cellulosic ethanol plant was elaborated and has been finalized for the selected site in southwest Romania. This included an in-depth evaluation of the existing site infrastructure (rail line, road access, gas & electricity & water supply), as well as the development of the plant layout while taking into account the local boundary conditions.

Latest News


Clariant has started the construction of the new sunliquid® plant in Podari (Romania)


Clariant bioethanol plant in Podari enters new phase

Upcoming Events

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BBI JU Stakeholder Forum
Podari (Romania)
Workshop: Working with and for Clariant: Chances & Benefits for Farmers from the Oltenia Region