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Sunliquid® Technology – High yields at minimum costs

The sunliquid® process features an integrated enzyme production to ensure lower production costs and independence from supply shortages and price volatility. The highly optimized feedstock and process specific enzymes split cellulose and hemicellulose into fermentable sugars, promoting maximum yields and short reaction times under optimal conditions. In the next step, the optimized fermentation organisms simultaneously convert both C5 and C6 sugars into ethanol, increasing the ethanol yield by around 50 %. An advanced distillation process separates the ethanol. The final product contains at least 99.8 % ethanol. Lignin, a co-product from the fermentation process, is used to produce electricity and steam, both of which are needed for a self-sufficient cellulosic ethanol production. Vinasse, the other co-product can be used as a fertilizer and brought back to the field, thus providing a tangible example of a circular economy.

The product, cellulosic ethanol, is a high quality biofuel with greenhouse gas emission savings of up to 95 % compared with fossil fuels.


  • High ethanol yields with minimal production costs
  • Flexible use of various lignocellulosic raw materials
  • Energy self-sufficient
  • Extending current biofuel production to new, currently underutilized non-food biomass and thus contributing to optimizing the efficiency and sustainability of biofuels
  • Nearly carbon-neutral
  • Provides building block for bio-based chemicals and a variety of applications and industries

For more details see our video of the sunliquid® technology.