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Clariant and Haltermann Carless proud supporters of the TUfast Racing Team

Clariant and Haltermann Carless have joined forces once more to provide the TUfast Racing Team of the Technische Universität München (TUM) with an innovative, first-grade and sustainable E85 biofuel. The ethanol content of 85% originates from Clariant’s demonstration plant in Straubing where the sunliquid process converts approximately 4500 tons of agricultural residues such as wheat straw or corn stover into cellulosic ethanol every year. At the Haltermann Carless refinery in Hamburg the bioethanol was blended with selected fuel components to produce the innovative high octane (RON) fuel which guarantees optimal efficiency and driving performance.

By providing biofuel to the TUfast Racing Team, Clariant and Haltermann Carless are supporting a student initiative that was first launched at the TUM back in 2002. Every year since then a student team of engineers and business economists in training is coming together to design, build and test a prototype racing car that will be evaluated at different international student competitions in disciplines such as Design, Cost Analysis, Acceleration and Endurance.

Racing Car nb015 - TUfast Racing Team (©TUfast)

Racing Car nb015 – TUfast Racing Team (©TUfast)

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