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From April 2014 to July 2022, the project receives a contribution of EUR 23 million from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP7) under grant agreement no. 322386. FP7 was the European Union’s Research and Innovation funding programme for 2007-2013.

SUNLIQUID follows the Europe 2020 Strategy to develop the EU´s economy as a smart, sustainable and inclusive one and will also make important contributions to various priority goals on employment, research, development and innovation, as well as climate and energy.

SUNLIQUID also makes a contribution to achieving the development targets set by the EU for the Danube region in the frame of its Danube Region Strategy. The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) is a macro-regional strategy adopted by the European Commission in December 2010 and endorsed by the European Council in 2011. This Strategy seeks to create synergies and coordination between existing policies and initiatives taking place across the Danube Region.

The benefits of SUNLIQUID for the European Society are:

  • Significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change
  • Creation of green jobs, especially in rural areas
  • Boost of local economies and creation of additional business opportunities
  • Extension of current biofuel production to new, currently underutilized non-food biomass
  • Improvement of overall performance and sustainability of biofuels
  • Stimulation of wide-spread implementation of cellulosic ethanol in the EU
  • Creation of a sustainable and competitive source of domestic renewable energy for the EU
  • Support of the transformation from a fossil-based economy to a bio-based, circular economy

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Clariant produces first commercial sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol at new plant in Podari, Romania


Clariant completes construction of first commercial sunliquid® cellulosic ethanol plant in Podari, Romania

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